14 julho 2011

ceres & vesta

When minor planets Ceres and Vesta rock the Earth into chaos

"Ceres and Vesta, which are the largest bodies in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is 6000 times less massive than the Earth and almost 80 times less massive than our Moon. Vesta is almost four times less massive than Ceres. These two minor bodies, long thought to peacefully orbit in the asteroid belt, are found to affect their large neighbors and, in particular, the Earth in a way that had not been anticipated. This is showed in the new astronomical computations released by Jacques Laskar from Paris Observatory and his colleagues."

Sempre a surpreender este nosso universo. Calha bem, até porque a sonda Dawn tem encontro marcado amanhã com o asteroide Vesta. Mais surpresas se aguardam.